Special Issue Proposal Invitation

You can become an Editor!!

Insights on the Depression and Anxiety publishes special issues for all the scientific journals presenting an opportunity for authors to publish their research work in new and emerging areas of a discipline in science.

Topics will be covering a specific theme which is generally not possible to cover under regular issues. Editorial board of Insights on the Depression and Anxiety boasts upon quality of research work published and ethical standards of the journals. We strive hard to maintain these standards in our endeavors.

Our purpose is to provide a platform to bridge the communication gap amongst scientific fraternity and thus improve interactions for healthy discussion in emerging trends in a discipline of science. This will improve knowledge base of global scientific community.

We feel obliged to invite you for sharing your proposals about Special Issues. You should contact the undersigned for any queries and visit our website for any clarifications.

Special Issue presents an opportunity to start a new relationship which will facilitate dissemination of quality research for greater benefit of human society.

Kind Regards,
Williams Robbie
Insights on the Depression and Anxiety, USA

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