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Depression is a condition in which a person feels discouraged, sad, hopeless, unmotivated or disinterested in life. Depression and Anxiety disorders are different; however people with depression often experience symptoms of an anxiety disorder, such as nervousness and irritability problems. Over the past few years, researchers have been moving towards a conclusion that depression and anxiety are two faces of one disorder. Research surveys show that 70% of people undergoing depression also have anxiety and most mood disorders represent a combination of anxiety and depression.

Insights on the Depression and Anxiety is a research journal publishing methodically peer-reviewed manuscripts to disseminate insights on the factors that influence the development and the long-term prognosis of anxiety and depression.

Insights on the Depression and Anxiety exerts a motive to publish manuscripts that can assist in improvement of appropriate preventative measures and care for persons with anxiety or depression.

Reasons for Publishing

Depression and Anxiety disorders are common at all ages. The shared cornerstone of anxiety and depression is the perceptual process of overestimating the risk in a situation and underestimating personal resources for coping. Further, anxiety and depression share an avoidant coping style. Sufferers avoid what they fear instead of developing the skills to handle the kinds of situations that make them uncomfortable.

Therefore, Insights on the Depression and Anxiety initiated publishing manuscripts focusing on different disguised aspects that make people susceptible to anxiety disorders or depressions.

Insights on the Depression and Anxiety also seeks to project the influence of biological and genetic factors on anxiety and depression disorders; and the implications of a depression or anxiety on an Individual work-life balance.

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