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Death Wishes, Aging Patients, and Euthanasia

Mareike Wolf-Fédida, Jelena Rosic, Gilles Arsène Aizan, Fanny Houzé and Laurent Vidal

Published: 12 March, 2024 | Volume 8 - Issue 1 | Pages: 005-009

The authors are searchers in psychopathology and communicate here about the dead wishes in relation to euthanasia. In Europe, the question comes regularly up to know if the law should be changed concerning the prohibition of euthanasia. The health system obeys progressively a modern idea of comfort and the “good life”. The authors are psychotherapists and their methodology is based mainly on phenomenological psychology, psychoanalysis, and psychopathology. Statistics of the French Ministry of Health will support their statements. Different clinical experiences with young patients, aging patients, or near-to-death patients are crossed and compared to those marked by heavy experiences like rape or amputation. The unbearable nature of their suffering makes them ask frequently to stop the pain. They would prefer being dead. This contribution examinates this kind of demand to find a helpful position for the caregiver and the patient. We should consider that near-death patients may often be at the climax of anxiety and depression is likely to switch over to dementia. In asking to finish with life, this purpose may change one day to another – sometimes it just highlights the wish to see things changed. The position of society and the medical staff has a high influence as well. Asking for euthanasia shows the variety of the same words that have different meanings from a medical, psychological, or psychopathological viewpoint. The purpose is to consider these aspects with the patient’s demand.

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Aging; Death wishes; Care pathway; Caregivers; Euthanasia; Pain; Subjectivation; Suffering; Suicide; Trauma


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